Big Bang Beverages

Imagine if all it took was 30 minutes of your time to change your child's life forever...


Baby Carrots

Review, Repair, Renew 

And yes, all in 30 minutes.

Wait, What???  How is that even possible??

Well, it's very simple...let me explain.

I spent 17 years in the child health and wellness industry as a pediatric chiropractor.  Nutrition was always a top priority in my practice because I knew it was one of the keys to optimal health.  And, unfortunately, it was a key that was lost in many children's diets.  Too many children were sick and suffering needlessly because of things they were eating/drinking on a daily basis (hence why I started Big Bang Beverages).  And, every time I sat with a parent and reviewed their child's diet, the same things would consistently come up.  So much so, that revamping their diets became a quick and easy process.  Changes  parents understood and could institute and ones that the children could easily adapt to.  I wasn't substituting macaroni and cheese for grass and tree bark.

As funny as that sounds, that was a concern of parents going in (not necessarily recommending tree bark, but replacing foods their kids wouldn't want to eat).

I was just using the knowledge I had gained over the years, clinically and through research, to change, remove or replace certain foods.  And, the best part?  Change occurred almost immediately.  This was what I loved so much about it.  Kids slept better.  Skin conditions cleared up.  Allergies improved.  Breathing improved.   Chronic ear infections stopped.  Kids were happier.  All from simple changes in what they were putting in their body.

Can you tell I'm excited to bring this program to you?

Big Bang Beverages has worked off the motto "Your Kids Deserve Better" from day 1.  It has always been our mission to not only create healthier alternatives to the unhealthy drinks on the market for kids, but also to educate parents.  Give you the information needed to look for and buy better foods.  We see it as a partnership.  With better educated parents and companies like ours producing better products for kids, collectively, we will improve the health of our children.

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