How it works:

Baby Carrots is a very simple program based on looking at patterns of what your child is eating, the ingredients in the food their eating and everything else they are ingesting throughout the day.

For 3 days, all you have to do is write down everything your child eats or drinks (including vitamins and supplements), as well as the brand of the food/drink (ie. Kraft Mac and Cheese) and how much they've eaten/drank (ie. small bowl of cereal, palm size piece of chicken).  A sample diary will be sent to you as an outline to follow.

At the end of the 3rd day, you will email us a copy of the diary you created.  It can be hand-written or typed.  Once we receive your diet diary, you will be contacted to set up your 1 on 1 Skype session with Dr J.  During this 30 minute sessions, you and Dr J will discuss any concerns you may have about your child, what may be causing them to feel the way they do, what to change, remove or replace and how to implement the changes.  It is recommended before the session that you write down all your questions/concerns that you want to ask.  Many will be answered in the the session itself, but be prepared!  A lot will happen in 30 min.

With in the next 1-2 days, you will get a summary of your session so you have everything that was recommended by Dr J, along with any recommendations made and any other pertinent information to help you make the necessary changes.  There's a lot of info in that 30 minutes.  We want to make sure you don't miss any of it!

Have follow up questions after your session?  No problem.  You'll be given a special email that you can send to  Dr J direct. If your question is more involved and cannot be answered by email, we will let you know as well and may recommend a follow up session.

Cost of Program: $299.   

Ready to change your child's health and life?  Click on the Get Started page (drop down menu off of Baby Carrots) and let's do this!

And now the small print:  Each 30 minute session begins at the specified time booked and ends 30 minutes later.  If you cannot make your scheduled time, we will make every effort to accommodate your change.  But, if you, for example, book a 10am slot, and don't start till 10:10, you session will still end at 10:30am.  Of course, if time allows, we will give you extra time to answer all questions and go over all relevant information.  Fee is non-refundable.  It may be transferred or if an appointment is cancelled, kept as a credit for up to one year for another appointment.  Scheduled appointments that are missed will be non-refundable.  All appointments must be paid at the time you sign up.  Up to 2 people can be on the Skype session with Dr J at a time.  All though Dr J is a healthcare professional, he cannot comment on medication, recommendations for medication, diagnose any conditions or recommend treatment for any medically diagnosed conditions. This program is for nutritional advice only.  Baby Carrots ™ is for educational purposes only and should not replace personal medical care. For specific medical care and advice, please consult your healthcare professional.  Big Bang Beverages, LLC and Dr Jason Jampol do not provide medical advice for use of our products or our programs.

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