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Made with organic flavors and sweeteners...we wouldn't have it any other way.

Never made with synthetic dye, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or GMO's.

Fact:  Only 1 gram of organic sugar per serving.  That's all that's in our bottles.  Why 1?  Sugar feeds those nasty bugs that make kids sick.  Why organic?  Even though there's a very small amount, we want to be sure it comes from a source that uses no pesticides, toxic chemicals or GMO's.  We'd like your kids to be healthy now and in the future...

Watch for the release of Big Sports Drinks coming soon...

It used to be that when your kids were sick, your pediatrician would recommend sports drinks or something similar to help rehydrate them.   Why?  Because they need to replace the electrolytes lost from fevers, vomiting or diarrhea.  What they DON'T need is all the sugar, artificial sweetener and dye that comes along with those drinks.  Plus, the taste was usually down right awful and you ended up throwing out most of the bottle.  Now, you can give them something with absolutely nothing artificial or toxic, that tastes great and helps them replenish lost water and electrolytes. And, they get Vitamin C to boot!  Imagine that:  A drink that helps them when they're sick, that is good for them and you feel good giving them.  Who would have thought?  Oh, and if your pediatrician still mentions those other options, send them our way.



Have you been looking for a sports drink for your kids that doesn't have a ton of sugar, dyes and chemicals you can't pronounce?  Well, your wait is over.  Big Bang Naturals is designed specifically for kids to replace electrolytes and water during activity. It is the perfect drink for kids to have at practice, games or even on a hot day playing in the yard.   Comes in 3 sweet flavors:  Fruit Punch U Out, Blue Barracuda and Orange Animal. 


Big™ Sports Drinks