Big Bang Beverages

I saw so many amazing transformations over the years running this program in my practice.  Here are a few of the many success stories:

Steven M., Age 7

History:  Diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, not sleeping well, not a happy child

After reviewing his diet and speaking with his mom, it became fairly obvious what may be troubling Steven.  His day was full of foods containing synthetic dyes.  From his juice, to his yogurt snack, to his mac and cheese for dinner, he was consuming a large amount of dye everyday.  Synthetic dyes have been documented over and over to be linked do hyperactivity in children.  They've been banned in many countries across the globe.  Steven happened to not only be sensitive to them, buy hypersensitive because his gut wasn't healthy either.

Steven had all products with dye removed from his diet, as well as some supplement added to help restore his gut health.  Within a few days, his mom reported that he was sleeping much better and not having outbursts or tantrums at home.  After 1-2 weeks, she also reported to me that his teacher had told her he was doing much better in school and was able to sit and not be disruptive to other children.

She also reported, which she hadn't told me initially, that he was having regular bowel movements...something he hadn't had in a few years.  He was chronically constipated and often complained that it hurt when he did go.  Both Steven and mom were happy about that!

Sara B., Age 5

History: Failure to gain weight, multiple allergies

Sara’s mom came in to see me after multiple trips to the pediatrician.  Sara was underweight (she had so many adverse reactions to foods that she barely ate) and was allergic to what seemed to be everything.  It started when she was a baby and had colic very early on. Her mom has a hard time finding a formula she could tolerate.  Her Pediatrician recommended she drink Pediasure to gain weight (ugh) but she didn’t like the taste so she barely drank it.  Her diet at this point consisted mostly of Cheerios, carrot sticks, pretzels and chocolate-flavored, store-brand yogurt.

Sara was initially put on a probiotic to restore her gut bacteria.  We then changed out her yogurt (which was a non-organic milk-based yogurt) to an organic chocolate coconut-based yogurt (which she loved!)

Very quickly, Sara started to feel better and was not having as many reactions to her environment.  She even started to try other foods like meatballs and hummus (to dip her carrots in).  Within 1 month, her mom reported that she was a new person, started to gain weight and seemed much happier in general.

John A, Age 10

History:  Bed wetting, emotional, not sleeping well

John was brought in after multiple medications had been tried and were still being given.  For the bed wetting and for his temper/sensitivity to over-stimulation.  John's mom stated he was wetting the bed a few times a week and waking up after very upset.  He couldn't fall asleep and when he finally did, she thought he was probably so tired that he didn't feel himself having to go to the bathroom.  John was a bit shy and withdrawn and not up for talking much with me.  When asked about what he was eating, it was very obvious that John had the typical carb/sugar-filled American child's diet.  Besides that, he was taking in a lot of products with synthetic dyes and not taking any vitamins outside of an occasional gummy multivitamin.

It was important to first start to wean him off all the sugar.  Sugar creates inflammation and I was sure this was contributing to his bed wetting, which was obviously a major issue at age 10.   He was also placed on a few supplements to help his body deal with the sugar and help his gut heal.  We then replaced his favorite foods with ones that had no dye, just organic colors.  He didn't really notice the change much outside of few things he wasn't able to have anymore (Lucky Charms cereal and Skittles, for starters).  But he did really well with the change and when he started to feel better, forgot about the things he wasn't eating anymore.

John's mom reported a steady change in him over the next few weeks.  He stopped wetting the bed after 3 weeks, which obviously improved his mood and self-esteem.  He was a happier kid and was more engaged at school and at home.  There were times where they slipped up (or he had things at school he shouldn't have) and had minor relapses.  But, his mom reassured him that it was ok and they needed to watch snacks in and out of school.  This was also done as a family.  They cleared their home of all things with dye and cleared a bunch of things that were full of sugar out as well.  As a family, they followed the same rules and this was really why I feel John did so well.  The family was better off too and she even reported to me that they felt the difference.  They were so used to feeling sluggish and blah all the time.  They now had more energy and even lost some weight!