As a company, we strive to maintain a few basic things:

1 - Competition.  The only people we compete with is ourselves.  As a policy, we do not authorize or endorse the release of disparaging information about similar products in any form (written, verbal, image or video) and via any channel.  Anyone in our company or affiliated with our company who violates this policy, including full or part-time employees, interns or contractors, are subject to disciplinary action.

2 - Transparency.  We have nothing to hide and feel you, the consumer, should have full knowledge of everything in our products.  If there is ever something you want to know about them, we will do our best to give you the most detailed and up to date information.

3 - No matter what we do, the first thing we think about is "How will this affect a child".  Your children are our number one priority.  Everything we do must benefit a child's health now and in the future.  If an ingredient, recipe, company policy, price or packaging can have any negative impact on a child's health, we will immediately re-evaluate, change it or remove it.

Big Bang Beverages