1 - Should you shake drinks before drinking?  Yes, absolutely.  Organic drinks do not have any chemicals that keep the flavor in suspension throughout the bottle.  So, give it a good 10-15 second shake after you crack the cap open.  There's a lot of good stuff in there that has to mix around so shake away!

2 - Do they have to be refrigerated?  No, unopened, they should just be stored in a cool, dry place.  Once opened, yes, they should be refrigerated and can be used up to a month.  You can even put the leftover in ice cube trays to make ice pops!

3 - Can anyone drink them? Sure, although they were made specifically for kids, anyone who needs to rehydrate and get electrolytes back can drink them.

4 - Is there a certain amount a child should drink when they are sick?    We made the drinks small for small bellies.  Younger children (age 1 and up) can drink as much as they like.  Under age 1,  we always suggest you consult with your physician first for dosing.

5 - Does your company practice any recycling to decrease your carbon footprint?  We do!  When we ship things from our office for orders, we will use any box we have in storage from previous shipments first.  We also recycle the packing material.  So, sometimes, your order may come in a box that's been used once or twice before.  Our drink bottles are also completely recyclable.

6 - Do you really have 5 kidsYup, 2 boys and 3 girls.

7 - Where did the name "Wubba Water" come fromWell, all I can say is it was divine intervention.  I was driving down the highway one day before Wubba Water was even created but, was thinking about the idea and what to name it.  I guess I asked the universe for some help and a few minutes later, a box truck drove by me with nothing on it except the word "wubba" offset to the right corner.  Nothing else.  I immediately said to myself "wubba, wubba water?  Wubba Water!"  And it began from there.  Ask and you shall receive.

8 - Are you a Feingold approved drink? Yes, we are Feingold approved, stage 2.

9 - Are any of the ingredients derived from corn?  No, there is no corn or corn-derived ingredients

10 - Is it kosher? The ingredients are kosher, it is made in a kosher facility, but it does not have the kosher mark.  Reason being is that it costs upwards of $5000 to get that symbol.  For all intensive purposes, it is kosher minus the symbol.

11 - Is it VeganYes, there are no animal products/by products/coloring in our products.

12 - So, what's so great about the new Wubba Jr Supplements?  Glad you asked! We strive for the best with everything we make for 

kids, so each one has no artificial dyes or preservatives.  We are also proud to say that some are non-gmo certified, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free and soy-free.

13 - What ages are these great new supplements for?  They are recommended for ages 4 and up.

All the things you want to know...and if we didn't answer them all, be sure to email and ask away!


Big Bang Beverages